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Client and PRD

How detailed does the client need to describe their project? Can the agency request a PRD from them?

It often happens that during a call with a potential client, we ask about the availability of any documentation. Typically, there isn't any, and that's okay. Our clients are people who come to us to bring their ideas to life, and, of course, they rely on our assistance in this matter. However, where is the line that we, as an agency, must not cross? Where does the client's responsibility clearly begin, and ours end?

Usually, the developer-client relationship is based on a simple principle: the client pays, and the developer delivers. In other words, the client purchases the developer's hours. But with this approach, there is a risk that the product may turn out to be non-functional because the client may have overlooked something, and the developer might assume that it's not their problem. As a result, we might end up with an unworkable application.

To prevent this from happening, we always check the basic product requirements before starting work. If the client doesn't know exactly what their application should do, we often decline to collaborate. That's because it's important to us that everyone is happy. And if there's no result, then everyone will be unhappy, and money isn't the most important thing here.

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