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Case Studies 

Nest NoCode is an innovative and very ambitious agency that specialises in no-code development, making it easier for businesses to quickly and efficiently create websites, apps, and build internal tools and workflow automatons. This approach follows all the projects we work on, significantly cutting down the costs and time required for the development


 Bubble   Stripe   Make   SendGrid   ParseHub

Challenge The high demand for rental housing in Stockholm makes finding an apartment to rent hard and stressful. The client's business idea consisted of collecting data from various sites for renting real estate in Stockholm and displaying them on one page on the site, 

providing customers with real-time alerts.

Result We set a parse of ten real estate sites every hour using the ParceHub web scrapping tool and configured the data collection in a local Bubble database. It permitted to display of up-to-date announcements about the accommodation availability, not older than an hour. Users are offered a paid subscription option, allowing them to receive instant updates about new accommodations via SMS or email and quickly respond to new rent opportunities.

Action Transportation


 Bubble   Stripe   Make   SendGrid   Ontime360   QuickBooks   Bunny CDN

Challenge The client’s business is a Transportation Company with a high number of operations. The task consisted of setting the distribution of invoices by email with the possibility of their immediate payment by credit card; sending out daily and monthly reports to drivers, and managing various aspects of the company's operations effectively.

Result We built a user-friendly interface using the Bubble platform, with a dashboard for company managers through which they can monitor and administrate all operational processes. On the backend, in a fully automatic mode, all trips are synchronised between the tracking system, billing system, and accounting system, so managers only monitor the process and, if necessary, enter data that requires manual input.

VC Fund Management Platform

VC - Call Status Overview - new (1)_edited.jpg

 Bubble   Make   SendGrid   Google Sheets

Challenge The Venture Fund Management Platform provides a complete set of tools for the management of venture funds. The task was to build record data on investments; calculate and pay dividends, and generate reports.

Result We created a user-friendly interface through which fund managers can enter all the necessary data. All calculations take place on the backend of the Bubble platform. The system is configured to send payment reports and new payment reminders to the list of investors via email. Fund members have access to financial information through the application.

Kinky Rabbit

 Bubble   Stripe  Bunny CDN 

Challenge  The client set the task of creating a mini social network for kinky party participants in Hollywood, with the possibility of watching videos from past events and buying tickets for upcoming ones. A bit later the task was expanded to include a video and photo section marked as 18 plus content and an online store with thematic merchandise. 

Result We built an application on Bubble, and connected Bunny CDN for video and photo content, allowing editing and adding different content. An online store and a club-member social network were also set up. The system offers users the possibility of paid subscriptions for various types of participation. Connecting a payment system was a separate challenge as most systems refused to work with 18-plus content, yet we managed to solve this issue.

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