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What is the real meaning of design?

What do we think about when designing our app, especially when it's an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?

We want the app to be attractive and leave users with a positive impression.

But what's more important, a beautiful combination of colors, textures, and icons, or a well-thought-out user experience?

We will never impress a user with design alone to the point where they become our customers. If the app is not needed by them or doesn't function properly, even if it's in their favorite childhood colors, it won't save it. And we won't gain another user.

In an MVP, the drawback is that the quality of the design is just a cutoff point. Design should simply exist. Margins, colors, and the arrangement of elements on the screen should be no worse than any other app the user uses every day. But striving to amaze with design at the outset is just blowing off steam. It's better to invest efforts in the user experience and solving the user's problem.

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