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What do No-Code Development and Cinema have in Common?

You may already be aware that prior to delving into the world of professional no-code development, I spent my time in the film industry, editing over a dozen films. Editing a film is essentially narrating a story. My vocation was to convey narratives to people through the medium of cinema.

It was quite astonishing when I realized that web application development is strikingly similar! It was like finding myself in my natural habitat because every application is essentially a narrative. The only distinction lies in the fact that in movies, heroes save the world from catastrophic asteroids, whereas in applications, you might simply be purchasing a T-shirt. interestingly, it's not always clear which holds greater significance.

This is how our minds work. Our existence is comprised of stories, and we perceive life through this lens. The only disparity lies in the scale of these stories – some are grand, while others are more modest. An idea metamorphoses into a narrative, and a narrative evolves into an application.

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